Where does government get the ‘right’ to take from one individual and give to another?

It has none. A democratic majority or an oligarchic minority are themselves composed of only individuals and have no right to steal from any other individual.

If a group has no right to do such ‘redistribution’ (theft), then by doing so, that group goes against the natural law.

If an individual or group of individuals goes against the natural law and steal from you, then you as a natural person, are obligated by nature/god to defend yourself and to fight against it.

These groups however, know you might go against them, so they offer to give you a ‘cut’ of the stolen loot. This amounts to a bribe, and if you take such bribes and go along, then you yourself are guilty of theft.

How long can such theft go on? It cannot last as people are innately greedy and will continue to steal more and more. Furthermore, thieves are never good at managing wealth. For a thief it is always “easy come, easy go”. They have no respect for hard work and the effort it takes to really create something, so they spend without regard to the difficulty of real production.

Eventually those who work the hardest shall be in shackles to those who can keep them working the hardest. But even that has limits. The fact is, collectivism is an unsustainable concept that always ends in collapse.

2010, Jun, 27 – 1:33 AM
Post by Tyler Jordan

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