No laissez-faire system

Corporations would not be able to acquire irrigation water and other products of ‘the commons’ without the state drafting up the necessary legislation to permit such theft, for instance.

We have not experienced a laissez-faire system. Government has intervened in ‘the market’ to an absolutely extraordinary extent for every decade that I’ve been alive.

Some excerpts from ‘Global Reach’ (Richard Barnet and Robert Muller 1974):

” the biggest global giants, such as ITT and IBM, grew to their present proportions with substantial help from the Pentagon…”[p.60]

….”During the 25 years in which the United States was the most powerful nation on earth [the period 1939-1974 appears to be referred to here] the tighter and more notorious were the links between Washington, Wall Street, and Detroit, the better it was for US companies. When the CIA removed Mohammed Mossadeq (Iran), an obstrperous Iranian premier who “irrationally” tried to interfere with Gulf’s and Standard Oil’s prospects for taking over his country’s oil, or when the same agency rescued Guatemalan banana land from United Fruit from a popularly-elected “subversive” nationalist, these were US patriotic initiatives applauded by businessmen. …The readier the Pentagon and CIA were to bring down or raise up governments in underdeveloped countries, the better the investment climate for US corporations. US military power was used to establish the ground rules within which American business could operate. The US Government acted as consultant for rightist coups in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Greece and Indonesia [to name a few] and their generals opened their countries to US investment on the most favorable terms. Wherever the flag has been planted around the world, in some 500 major military and naval bases and in the command posts of over a dozen [as of 1974] military interventions, US corporations have moved in….”

US multinational corporations are supported by the US State to benefit the ruling classes, not all US citizens evenly, they are just taken along on the ride, and their minds are shaped by ruling class Propaganda.


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