Work and Employment

Working or having a salaried job is generally the norm in the so called developed world. The working environment is structured and hierarchical. Managers and directors and people at the bottom who follow orders.

We have been ‘educated’ to believe this is ‘how it should be’. Do not rock the boat, take orders, do what is asked within your narrow sphere of operation, get paid or promoted, make money, pay the bills, consume and you will have success.

Think too much, see the flaws, injustices, and private tyrannies and you will be on your own, sacked, vilified, punished, without money and without an income. A LOSER.

Lets say that a person spends 10/11 hours a day either preparing/traveling to work or actually being at work, 8 hours are spent sleeping, 1/2 hours eating, and preparing food. That leaves 4 hours of ‘living’. Is this life?


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