How can Liberty be achieved?

The world is full of egos, rules, conventions and protocols they function through a system of reward and punishment. Comply and you will get praise, and you will fear criticism. You will fear going against the rules because you fear criticism. They will break you down.

You will be angry, frustrated, and bored with mediocrity, which is what is required from you. Unhappiness piled upon unhappiness. You can move, but because there is a ‘depression’ on and unemployment is rising you cannot, besides other work places take the same institutional form and function, different faces, the same mediocrity, the same rules and protocols. You human spirit will be crushed. Happy are the blissfully ignorant, unaware of the problems…they have been programed to love their servitude and to accept the system of reward and punishment (fear). Not to see the flaws and injustices, or to immerse themselves into distracting worlds. Be really good at some computer game, follow a TV show or sport religiously or even be
passionate about your job. Do not think about the institutional form, politics, economics, the social hierarchy it is normal, background….your job is to fit in and to enjoy the servitude and the rewards and of course fear the possible loss of those rewards, a real life game of Snakes and Ladders, except the game is pre-stacked against you, you must accept it.

Liberty is to think, to know what is going on. To reject the matrix and its dehumanizing values. To try and wake others up and to sabotage the matrix in strategically important ways. Not by planting a terrorist bomb on a train, killing civilians and giving strength to the system. This is not only useless, it plays right into the hands of the controllers of the matrix if they have not actually planned and instigated it themselves.

No What is needed is a transvaluation of all matrix values, a rejection of its ethos, a refusal to follow protocol. This will breakdown the edifice.


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