Wearied by the
intense struggle to make a living, they are soothed into comfortable
mental lethargy by a quadripartite of pain-relievers – the radio, the
television, the newspapers and the movies. With unbounded
tolerance for those who entertain them with the spoken and written
word emanating from those four anodynes, they willingly embrace
as truth the various untruths and outright lies being regurgitated
regarding the state of their country and of the world. Having been
deliberately dumbed down in the public schools since their
kindergarten days, they enter adulthood with sensibilities so dulled
that they are oblivious to the fact they have become but discardable
pawns on the gigantic chessboard of the New World Order.
This, my friends, is the fatal flaw brought about by media
manipulation. It makes the subversion of our democracy, as
limited by the Constitution, an accepted fact to the unthinking
masses who cheer our departing brave boys (and girls) of the
military as they sally forth into the latest foreign adventure,
inexorably leading to a New World Order under the control of the
United Nations Command, while destroying the sovereignty of the
United States.


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