Man (and Woman)

What is the purpose of our existence? The existence of Death seems to make all of life futile. Some of us are healthy, rich and well fed, others are ill, poor and hungry. We the well fed fear the loss of our wealth and health, some of us may help the poor as a means of improving our own condition, or to assuage the guilt we feel. Some despise the poor and see them as unworthy of life, they will even advocate mass starvation (i.e. Thomas Malthus).

In truth this world is an amazing place. We see all these contrasts and we are all heading towards our inevitable death…this should lead us to question the purpose of everything we do. What is the meaning of it?

Atheists declare that they are free, but it seems they are not, they have debts, and mortgages. They toil and labor. They feel regret that they have not got the good job, the big house, the recognition they deserve. Some immerse themselves into acquiring these things.

Life is a journey, here we display our true characters and souls for us to bear witness to and for others to see who we are. The recognition of death allows us to make sense of life and to know that the unpleasant things we feel are in fact given to us by Allah the Exalted as a gift. It is the soul recognizing that this is not our home, and that we should occupy ourselves with our eternal home, purify our souls by following the Shariah and to hopefully find eternal grace in the Company of Allah the Exalted the, the highest Angels, Prophets and Messengers and their best of followers.

The Sharia is a revealed path, at once the road and a scale (to measure oneself against) which when applied leads to Allah the Exalted, Eternity and the purification of the heart. Shariah is a gift, it can also be misused by man, to impose it on others and to cause tyranny of course.


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