Quotes from Strike the Root

Individuals, Secede!

“The colossal stupidity of the American people is on grand display today. Some people are bubbling over with elation while others have been trampled by a mighty political hangover, neither group seeing that they were in fact making a non-choice and lending their support to a quantifiably meaningless charade that enhances the power of the state at their own expense.” Column by Will Groves.

Libertarians, the Party’s Over

“Stop paying attention to and believing the mainstream media, especially what the bastard politicians say in their worthless speeches and endless platitudes. Shut government out of your life as much as possible….” Column by Alex R. Knight III. (Editor’s pick)

What Is the Purpose?

Column by NonEntity. (Editor’s pick)

Bernanke Clowns Around, Exceeds Stock Market Expectations

Column by new Root Striker Les Lafave. (Editor’s pick)

Protecting Your Assets

Column by Retta Fontana. (Editor’s pick)

When Is a Voter Truly Sovereign?

“There may be as many different preferences for president as there are voters, but only one person will win. Voters who prefer someone else or non-voters who prefer no one at all must endure the election results — for years. If the political methodology were imported to the market, everyone in the country would end up wearing one size, style, and brand of shoes, even if their choice was to go without them.” Column by George F. Smith.

A Dollar in Peril

“What great sport this farce would be–if it were not so terribly, tragically, fatally sad.” Column by Jim Davies.

Voting Sophisms

“So, what happened? These are the politicians that the voters chose to represent them. This is the President that the people asked for. This is the Congress that the citizenry demanded. Is it possible that voters made a mistake?” Column by Mike Powers.

Eagerly Awaiting Creative Destruction

“The loss of freedom always begins with someone sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong and that gets easier the closer people live together.” Column by new Root Striker Will Groves.

Grand Theft America: “All Your Wealth Now Belong To Us”

Recommended “By now, the original idea of America – as a haven for mankind and a place where freedom from tyranny was the plainly-stated and largely-attained goal – has simply been lost. The concept and benefits of freedom are no longer understood by the majority of Americans; the all-powerful State and its shackles are now everywhere, including deep in the mind of the average person.” Column by Glen Allport.

Mock the Vote

“There’s nothing special about 50% plus one. Truth and justice cannot be determined by a show of hands. We are not the government. Voting is not a sacrament.” Column by new Root Striker David Heleniak.

My Advice for a Safe and Happy Halloween

“No government is needed to tell people how to celebrate, how to have fun, how to associate, how to protect themselves, how to enlist free enterprise in their enjoyment, how to decorate. Take a walk with your kids, or stay home and load up on the goodies for distribution, and just observe, as the original meaning of community comes roaring back to life for a few magical hours. ” Column by B.R. Merrick.

Dark Thoreau: Another Side to Henry David

Book review by Alex R. Knight III.

‘Twas the Death of the Dollar, Part 2

Poem by new Root Striker J. Kent Willis.

The ‘Something’ Government Should Do

“From the Establishment’s perspective, the fatal flaw of Austrian economics is the job it accords government, which is none at all. But free markets are markets free from intervention, which means today’s government not only has a job, but a crucial one: It should bow out of our economic lives altogether. That’s the ‘something’ government should do. ” Column by George F. Smith.

‘Crash Course’ Caveats

Jim Davies reviews Chris Martensens’ online course. (Editor’s pick)


“As long as the bankers control the value of money, they control our very lives, for money is but a representation, a token, of the life force itself.” Column by NonEntity.

Seeing the Maverick$ and Magician$ from Monticello

“I visited Monticello while in Virginia recently….I inspected the hilltop plantation during the ongoing Grand Theft of the Grand Old Republic . During the tour I wondered what Mr. Jefferson might have said to the two pretenders posing as presidential candidates, about the cash & carry giveaway to the Wall Street magicians. Somehow the scathing words of Jefferson seemed particularly apropos now.” Column by Douglas Herman.

Signs of Autumn

Recommended “That is directly where my pushing of a button on an electronic voting screen leads. It leads to the threat of violence from the government that is encouraging my participation. I am…engaging in a violent act by silently threatening those with whom I disagree.” Column by B.R. Merrick. (Editor’s pick)

Crop Seeding in America

Recommended “The state’s money removes the idea of limited means, and since it’s controlled by the state, it removes the idea of limiting the state. Given the federal influence on education, media, and just about everything, should we be surprised no one is on center stage calling the government a counterfeiter? ” Column by George F. Smith.

I Don’t Mind If You Keep Voting, But Do You Mind If I Keep Laughing While You Do?

MUST READ “I don’t care who the candidate is. I don’t care what issues to which he seems to gravitate. I don’t care about his record, his leadership qualities, the apparent first-lady-ness of his wife (or her husband), his insider-ness or his outsider-ness, his race, his height, his weight, how well he speaks, how wonderfully he photographs, the nation of his birth, how likely it might be that he’s fun to drink with, or his appreciation for unique uses for a fine cigar.” Column by Wilt Alston. (Editor’s pick)

The Meaning and Value of Gold

MUST READ “Can gold prevent such horrors [the democide of the 20th Century]? No, not entirely, but gold can and does reduce the likelihood of such horrors when used as a nation’s money. Gold as money provides a strong limiting factor on the resources available to government, and in so doing, gold saves and improves the lives of millions.” Column by Glen Allport. (Editor’s pick)

Not to Worry, They’re on Our Side

Recommended “It’s pointless to look at their campaign platforms. They’re made up of words, and words to a politician are like drops of water on a hot skillet – they sizzle, then they’re gone. We know a priori both candidates are certified, homogenized, lobotomized statists, otherwise they wouldn’t be the two contenders.” Column by George F. Smith.

Notes on Democracy: Mencken Vents His Spleen for His Era and Ours

Recommended “Read onward as Mencken’s delightful microscope tears into the presidencies of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt with relish—exposing them and their adoring constituencies for what they are. If Machiavelli took off our blinders and exposed the rancid underbelly of tyrants in The Prince, Mencken did the same for democracy in this gem of a book.” Column by Lawrence Ludlow.

Everyday Anarchy, Part 5

MUST READ “When we think of a truly free market…we understand that we do not have to work for years and years, and give up thousands of hours and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, to satisfy our wishes. If I want to shop for vegetarian food, say, I do not have to spend years lobbying the local supermarket, or joining some sort of somewhat ineffective advisory board, and pounding lawn signs, and writing letters, and cajoling everyone in the neighborhood – all I have to do is go and buy some vegetarian food….” Column by Stefan Molyneux.

The Loopy Dynamics of Feedback

Recommended “In any rational reality there would be some kind of reciprocity between the actions of humans in relations with each other. Somewhere along the line there arose the idea of ‘sovereign immunity.’ And even though we realized a couple of centuries ago that the idea of ‘sovereigns’ having power over others is really, really stupid, we still think it is all right for hired thugs to be completely devoid of any responsibility for their actions.” Column by Nonentity.

Everyday Anarchy, Part 3

MUST READ “The statist looks at a problem and always sees a gun as the only solution – the force of the state, the brutality of law, violence and punishment. The anarchist – the endless entrepreneur of social organization – always looks at a problem and sees an opportunity for peaceful, innovative, charitable or profitable problem-solving.” Column by Stefan Molyneux. Spread this one far and wide.

Scapegoating and the Anti-Immigrant Hysteria

MUST READ “…Americans, like most people, would rather not look too closely at their unattractive traits. We like to pretend that we are self-sufficient, honest people. But our desire to rely upon and preserve the welfare state reveals the truth about who we really are. Instead of facing up to the theft and self-deception that surround our support of the welfare state in its various manifestations, we simply project our traits onto people who seem different because they are poor and desperate and have nowhere else to go to make a better life. Furthermore, when we accuse these immigrants of ‘breaking our laws’ to come here, perhaps we should remember that the kind of laws they are breaking are the kind that were firmly in place in the Soviet Union before it fell – laws against making a profit, earning a good living, and creating one’s own destiny. In other words: laws against freedom.” Column by new Root Striker Lawrence Ludlow.

The Anarchist Vote

MUST READ “I like this analogy because it reveals how voting is an act of submission: When you no longer resist tyranny, but agree to submit to the threat or use of force and do as you are told, when you no longer question the higher authority because you are allowed to choose your supervisor. In the process you condemn your offspring and future generations to be subjects of this authority establishing an institution of tyranny that eventually is accepted unquestioningly, perhaps even celebrated.” Column by Mark Davis.

Danger Is My Middle Name–And So Is Yours

MUST READ “Nothing is completely safe, including eating and breathing. And if nothing is safe, then throwing people in prison for doing something that endangers them is insane, even without considering the dangers of arrest and imprisonment, which are substantial. Using coercion to “save people” from their own choices is a huge, horrifying mistake that can only lead to ever-larger disaster, because the list of dangerous activities includes everything that people might ever do.” Column by Glen Allport.


Recommended “Without the United States federal government, the Fed would not exist and the money used by Americans would be gold and silver – things which could not be counterfeited constantly to supply ‘money’ for war, for special interests, and for other groups and purposes opposed to the interests of the average American. Nor would Americans be forced to literally borrow money – money created from thin air – from a privately-owned central bank (as our government does now) and then pay interest on it as part of the national debt. What a scam!” Column by Glen Allport.


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