The Clash…

From here (racist but good)

“The clash of civilizations,” … supposed to be the confrontation between Islam and the free world. That helps sell newspapers and has the enormous advantage of furnishing a simple explanation of the world’s complexity, one easily accepted by a movement looking more for conspiracy theories than political or geopolitical thought.

Now, ideas must be put back in their historical context. The source of the “clash of civilizations” theory goes back to 1990. The Soviet Bloc’s collapse took away the U.S.’s role of defender of the free world; there was danger for the U.S. in the multipolar world which they saw replacing the bipolar one. Therefore a replacement adversary was needed so that America could continue in its role as world policeman. The office of U.S. Secretary of State switched therefore from its “red” theme, namely, Moscow is orchestrating a worldwide terror network consisting of Third-World revolutionary Marxist groups, to its “green” theme, namely, there is a worldwide terror network consisting of revolutionary Islamist groups. At the same time, the U.S. Secretary of State adopted the Lake doctrine of “rogue nations,” the majority of which, as if by some strange coincidence, are Moslem.

All of that has to be ideologically justified, brought down to the level of the ordinary citizen of Western countries in simple, intelligible form. Therefore the system’s house intellectuals must make theories about the proposals, which are then adopted by popularizers, by agents of influence, by the media, etc., until Joe Sixpack caught in a mass of assertions all saying the same thing is convinced of these propositions. As for these intellectuals who have theorized about the “clash of civilizations,” you know them both: it’s Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington. Both insist on the importance of the Zionist Entity to the West’s resistance. And that introduces a second level of understanding of the anti-Islamist phenomenon, i.e. supporters of the Zionist Entity have grafted their struggle onto that of the American Party. By developing a gigantic amalgam of Islam/Islamism/violence-in-North-African-neighorhoods/obscurantism/attacks-on-women, etc., they try to make ordinary Frenchmen believe that in Paris as in Tel Aviv the troublemaker, the killer, the terrorist, the one favoring a return to the Middle Ages is the same: the Arab and the Moslem.

(And of course the US/Zionist machine needs a dialectic to proceed to its end game, and, wars, profiteering, monopoly, bigger government, more control and power to the Police, are all steps along the way to the Global Zionist utopia, where they run and own everything and the rest of us are their slaves, after all they ‘are chosen’ and it is their destiny is the myth they believe in)

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