Zionists and Jews

I believe there is a hardcore Zionist group, but most Jews do not support it. Some pay lip service to it due to the threats they might receive from Zionists. The hardcore Zionists themselves are probably in cahoots with other global elitist powers who use Zionism as well as other groups and peoples (ideas) to further their own global domination and One world State.

These people could not really careless about the Jews they simply want power and the Jews and Zionism are a vehicle for them to achieve these ends.

The power group is already very powerful but it becomes more powerful through the process of Problem/Reaction/Solution and they use various groups and philosophies against each other to do this. Many of the power group pose as Jews but they are only Jewish because it affords them a cover, keeps them associated with a minority group which has been persecuted and so shields them from criticism. Anyone who might come close to criticizing them can be easily deflected through accusations of anti Jewish racism, and genuinely worried and innocent Jews within the Jewish Community may become anxious at the threat against them. This will motivate them to the would be identifier of the inner power group. In this way the power group maintains its power and consolidates it through the creation of wars, conflict, hostility…create a Problem (real or false)….tell everyone and broadcast the problem very widely, ascribe it to an opposing group and give them crazy ideas…..propose a Reaction to the Problem and its Solution. When we reach the Solution phase they have achieved their real goal of Power and consolidation…and the cycles will keep coming until at last they have gained total control with no resistance offered by anyone. An Iron Fist in a Totalitarian World State, where all resistance is crushed, everyone is watched and everyone works night and day just to have the basics of food, shelter and drink…while their masters keep them to the grindstone.

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