Nasheeds (Songs)

Dawud Warnsby

The world is a prison for the believers. It seems that the stronger your love for Allah becomes, the less interested you are in the earth’s delights.

All Human beings love something, they love themselves, their families, their nation, celebrities. They love things or ways that they feel will enhance their lives, their jobs, money, a nice house a nice car. Humans love to gaze upon the things they love. If they see a nice car or house they feel a yearning for it. We live in materialistic times, where if someone has the big house, nice car, good high paying job, they are ‘a success’. Those who do not have these things want them and strive for them. Indeed school gives this lesson to the kids.

However looking at the world with the eye of wisdom reveals that life is mostly made up of pain, even the things we find pleasurable can disappear. In fact while we are gazing at the nice car or the nice house there is a twinge of pain because we cannot have it, we cannot afford it. We have our health, but that can go, we age and gradually lose our independence. All this should lead us to question the purpose of our lives. Some of us avoid the truth and escape into fantasy, TV, Films, trivia. Some of us do not want to confront the truth.

Muslims are taught that this world is temporary and this world and all its apparent beauty is a place of delusion. The world of nature, the oceans, rivers, trees, flowers, the sky and the earth are a beauty which reflect the Power and Beauty of Allah. However the world (dunya) as amassing wealth, prestige, status is a place of delusions, it makes us forget that this world is temporary. Muslims do not feel pain when this world leaves their hands, they are glad with what Allah has Willed for them, patient and grateful, worshiping Allah and Submitting to His Will.

Non Muslims by contrast especially those who have little spiritual practice and those who love the dunya (the world as delusion), feel nothing but pain. In the midst of their pleasures they have to avoid the gnawing truth that ‘it will end and they will die’. Or they have regrets at having missed out on something which others seem to have. Their lives are spent trying to amass the world but never actually having the time to enjoy it amidst their close friends and family, everyone is too busy, even conversations are superficial. It feels like this world is a punishment for them and their lack of belief in Allah the Exalted and life after death makes it all seem futile.

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