Whose Fault is it?

Is everything the fault of the ‘west’?

No the west is a label that has little meaning. To me it means those people who are in power in the west and who use the geography and populations of the west to impose their will everywhere else. A humble street sweeper who cleans the streets of London is not the same as the CEO of a major corporation which makes weapons as part of the Military Industrial Complex, receiving hundreds of millions of tax dollars from their governments to make weapons and war.

When I criticize the west I mean those influential elites not the ordinary people who live in the west. What about Muslims are they to blame for the problems in the Muslim lands? Well of course, Muslims are at fault. By my estimation if we split the blame and responsibility of the problems of the world, I would give Muslims 30% of the blame and the rest 70% of the blame. We could shift this blame on the Muslims to be 70% because they allowed this situation to occur which gives these non Muslims power over the Muslims in the first place. So the fault is the Muslims both past and present, when I point out the problems that westerners have caused, I am only pointing out to Muslims to see what they have allowed to happen to them. How Muslims must recover their power and prevent these sociopaths from having an influence over them. It is a little myopic for someone to blame me of shifting the blame ‘on the west’ 100%. They have either not understood me, or they are attempting to show that I am unbalanced in my opinion, so this is why I have clarified it in this post, I blame the Muslims mostly past and present for allowing this situation to occur, I point out the west and its criminal activities so that Muslims recognize that they have given power to criminals and they need to recover their power.

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