The World Trade Center

See Lucky Larry on TV

The owner of all three buildings known as The World Trade Center Complex was Larry Silverstein, who had recently doubled the insurance value of the Twin Towers.

Amazingly, “Lucky Larry,” later stated in a PBS interview that he and the New York Fire Department agreed to a controlled demolition of WTC 7. Since skyscrapers are not wired for demolition — unless someone intends to demolish them — Silverstein’s statement is an admission that 9/11 was an inside job.

Disinformation agents like to defend Larry. They say he ‘meant pull people out, not the building’. Or the wires must have burnt in the fire preventing the demolition, so it was obviously the fire that brought it down. The Truth is Larry had it brought down, it was pre-wired for demolition, and may have also had the others done.

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