Imam al-Ghazali

Imam al-Ghazali has said:

Shall pearls be given to herders of the sheep,
Shall wealth be trusted to their rustic keep?
They would not comprehend nor know its worth,
To give them would be adorning beasts.
But God is kind if by His grace He sends
One worthy of my knowledge, of my wit.
To him my goods I’ll give and gain his love;
Until such time I will withold my gifts —
One’s learning would be wasted upon fools;
And he doth sin who from the worthy keeps.

O mankind, your rebellion is only against yourselves; the enjoyment of this life. Then unto Us shall you return, and We shall inform you of what you used to do. (10:23)

God sends the unjust astray; and God does what He will. (14:27)

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