In some ways once a Banker has decided on his trade and business, he is obliged to be ruthless. Even if they ‘give in charity’ it has an ulterior motive, to increase their business and reputations. They always take more than they give, and their taking involves through a type of confidence trick the wealth of others. They have put themselves into a position in which they benefit and take the largest share from everyone elses labor and productivity. Bankers do nothing except manipulate their confidence trick and their share of the worlds wealth is greatly disproportionate to their efforts.

Once Bankers have deposits in their banks, they must make that money work for them always find new avenues for investment and creating debt, so the system just drives them on. The more they do the more they make themselves necessary and the more people become their slaves. It is a vicious circle which leads to destrcution as debt increases and investments dry up. Unless a Dictatoship of the world is enthroned or a massive collapse happens. There is no choice. Bankers themselves may compete with each other until only afew remain, who by default will be the dictator.

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