Who has Power over us?

The basic concept of power is the ability to influence others to get them to do what you want. There are three major ways to do that: one is to threaten them with sticks; the second is to pay them with carrots; the third is to attract them or co-opt them, so that they want what you want. If you can get others to be attracted to want what you want, it costs you much less in carrots and sticks.

Who has Power over Individuals?


President Bush?

Gordon Brown? All of the voters of the UK? or the US? Where does their will as expressed by the vote stop and where does it begin?

If George W Bush gets a vote to be President of the US, can he then use this authority to invade other countries? How about telling others how they must conform to US standards? Is that what US Foreign Policy is? An extension of ‘the will of the American people’ into other parts of the world?

Over and above the nation-state is another non governmental layer of operators. The nation is supposed to be a group of people with a shared history occupying a particular territory. Usually the ‘shared history’ is a myth of recent creation. This myth is intended to glue the nation and give it a ‘national’ character. This myth is usually created by the ruling power within the nation…which also makes up the government and the State. The State is the permanent structure at the heart of the nation, it is always there and its power once gained always increases and is never limited.

Government form might change, the parties, the people in the parties, but the State always remains always giving power to whoever takes government power through the vote.

However above the nation-state is the non governmental layer of operators. These are the financiers and bankers they move money, commodities and capital across national borders in de-regulated globalised economies. National governments depend on these bankers, speculators and financiers to keep their economies running.

These bankers can make hundreds of millions of dollars and effectively are the new rulers of the world. These bankers have no national loyalty to any people, they will finance both sides of a war if they can make money from it. They like wars because it puts nations and governments into debt. It turns out that ordinary people join a war to kill and get killed, when the people who engineered the war and finance it just sit and watch from the sidelines while their fortunes grow and multiply.

So nation-states are a base for the bankers…so they can say they are French, American, Arab, or British, but really they have no loyalty to their particular nation. Their interest is purely in the money. Nation-states also tend to have rivalry and conflicts and this facilitates the war making abilities of the bankers.

Some people presenting themselves as ordinary people will defend the bankers. They will belittle the would be revealer. They will say it is a baseless conspiracy without proof. These bankers are not a class, they are philanthropists, there are not that many of them. Or they may say we want to discuss other factors, not the essence of your argument which is that this group exists and exercises supreme power over the people.

The Evidence is there. If you have billionaire bankers they have made this money through their activities. These activities may be above or below any law or ethics, but they also point out the imbalance in global geography, society and economy. We have nations which have populations which are half starved and paying millions to the bankers in debt repayments. So the transfer of wealth is from the many to the few, who rule the world with their financial system. This cannot be denied, we all know if we look at the world in an impartial way like this, that this is true and undeniable.

So why do some people reject and deny this?

1) They are paid by the bankers or they benefit personally in someway from the activities of the Bankers.

2) They have some irrational sense of loyalty and affinity for the banker because they think they share the same ethnicity and race as the Banker.

3) They are useful idiots too brainwashed to be able to see the truth (but this is very rare, reasons one and two above are dominant).

We should consider the bankers their defenders and helpers to be the enemy of humanity, their only goal is self preservation and increase in their own power. Anyone who is awake to the problem we all face, should learn about the activities of the bankers, learn about Islam and implement it in their lives, spread it to others and learn how we can subvert and remove the bankers from their worthless paper thrones. Do not fall into the trap of inter-fighting, know that this is one of their weapons of divide and rule. Do the opposite of what they want, worship God, do not take this world and its wealth as your goal and above all make good the ties of kinship and bring people together, make their hearts as one. May Allah Protect us from evil and May he shower His peace and blessings on all the people of Islam and may Allah forgive the people of Muhammad, his companions and family forever. May Allah increase the Muslims in numbers, may he make the non Muslims destined to be our brothers and sisters join us in Islam, in our war against the bankers and their followers. Ameen

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