Arundhati Roy

Essentially, privatization is a mutually profitable business contract between the private (preferably foreign) company or financial institution and the ruling elite of the third world.

… we don’t want to be like good middle-class Germans in the 1 930s, who drove their children to piano classes and never noticed the concentration camps springing up around them-or do we?

“In America, the arms industry, the oil industry and the major media networks-indeed, U.S. foreign policy-are all controlled by the same business combines.”

Arundhati Roy

“America continues to remain the enigma it has always been – a curiously insular people administered by a pathologically meddlesome, promiscuous government.”

“The International Coalition Against Terror is largely a cabal of the richest countries in the world. Between them, they manufacture and sell almost all of the world’s weapons, and they possess the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction-chemical, biological and nuclear. They have fought the most wars, account for most of the genocide, subjection, ethnic cleansing and human rights violations in modem history, and have sponsored, armed and financed untold numbers of dictators and despots. Between them, they have worshipped, almost deified, the cult of violence and war. For all its appalling sins, the Taliban just isn’t in the same league.”

Arundhati Roy

“America has always viewed oil as a security consideration, and protected it by any means it deems necessary. Few of us doubt that the U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf has little to do with its concern for human rights and almost entirely to do with its strategic interest in oil.”

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