Freedom of Speech

Does it exist?

When we observe a discussion, news or even a fictional program in the Main Stream Media (MSM) it tends to remain within a pre-defined boundary. There is a type of unwritten framework which keeps the discussion from going into alternative frameworks. This acts as a block and a gatekeeper for accepted views and opinions.

It is not necessarily sinister with a conspiracy of people working together to do this, though the editors and gatekeepers may impose their will on the program in such ways.

Let us imagine a discussion about the war in Iraq. The program may mention how bad Sadam was, it may mention how ‘invasion’ was made necessary because Tony Blair ‘sincerely believed’ that there were weapons of mass destruction (I suspect this phrase itself was marketed by the PR companies working for the US military) in Iraq.

That Tony Blair could have lied is never mentioned. That the people calling for invasion of Iraq and their true motives are never mentioned. That Sadam and the Baath Party was actively supported and raised by Western Powers is ignored. Thus we get the impression that Blair was a honest man who just made a honest mistake, and his motives for invading Iraq were purely noble and to guarantee British security. In this way the MSM shapes Public Opinion and keeps the people in power, in Power.

If there was real free speech Tony Bair would have been taken to court and charged with a crime. Invading a country while lying is no small matter and in a Democracy the leaders are supposed to be accountable to the people. Yet Tony Blair has been praised by the MSM and been moved to another job.

There are some subjects which just do not get a fair hearing, and we are not allowed to mention. If you do mention them, you are given minor slots in the MSM where very few people will hear you. Or you are censored.

For instance just try to post some cartoons depicting Israel as a perpetrator of Palestinian genocide. You will be dropped, sacked, vilified and all sorts of other things done to you. If you want to have a job or voice, you learn to stay away from ‘that subject’. Self- Censorship is the way it is done. In this way the whole of the public discussions regarding this issue is distorted…you do not go there. I suspect most thinking people know this, but it is difficult to tell, as we cannot ask for fear of being verbally attacked.

There is no real hard iron fist or police which takes you away for saying something ‘wrong’, though policies seem to be moving in that direction, it is still the ‘softer’ way of blocking free speech elaborated here which is in operation.

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