Divide and Rule

In an earlier post Islamic Government I wrote:

“…Many of the so called modern Islamic States are artificial creations of the European colonizers of the Islamic world. They were created in order to fulfill some important geo-political objectives of the departing colonial powers. Borders were created and separate States, in order to keep resources and people tightly governed. It was basic divide and rule. The departing colonialists, gave independence to these States, but had a structure set up in the countries so that a small indigenous ruling elite would rule, exploit the people and resources of that country on behalf of the small indigenous elite and the foreign western governments and corporations. It was Western Elite rule by Proxy, the vast populations would be kept down while the few elites would help each other to stay in power and to exploit the resources for profit.”

I want to examine how people and resources are contained in artificial nation-states so that they can be managed and governed by the global elites. For instance a vast land, can have many different language groups, ethnicities, and sub-groups, land also has resources like fresh water lakes, uranium deposits, gold and silver mines, oil etc.

When the Europeans were leaving the colonial lands, they had to ensure that their exploitative system would still remain in place. To do this they created a nation with borders called Sudan for instance. They made sure the borders were created in such a way so as to have a large number of Christians and Muslims in it. They made sure that the Muslims were split from other Muslims over the border on the other side. Also the Christain dominated part would be near the “capital city’.

In this way the seeds for conflict were left by the colonizers, if a strong nationalist or religious group arose and tried to seize control of the country, the former colonial powers could fund the other group, so that it remained under their control. And if the language or religious groups split up by artificial borders tried to join and create their own majority nation…this too was crushed as a way of creating an illegal ‘state’. This type of divide and rule policy has kept Africa in a state of under development, and foreign exploitation, benefiting a small local elite who keep the mass of the local population under its policies.

These divide and rule policies have also been used in the west itself so that the elites can control their mass populations.null

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