No Ethics, its just business!

“American capitalism is growth driven. This growth is without ethics, as American MIT professor Lester C. Thurow wrote: “In the most rigorous expressions of capitalistic ethics, crime is simply another economic activity that happens to have a high price (jail) if one is caught. There is nothing that one ought not to do.” This ethic-less system evolved from local to regional to national scale (by expanding from 13 states to all continental USA through wars and genocide against natives). Now, through globalization, the whole world is “fair game” to American multinationals and Wall Street.”

However so called American Capitalism is actually State Socialism for the rich corporations and ‘free market’ for ordinary folk in the job market.

Taxes= Arms Manufacture and purchase= war= corporate bonanza = war profiteering = political corruption = elite class = Power = war = destruction = re-building = resource control = Power

The above cycle allows the Capitalist State Socialist economy to function, and create jobs and consumer goods for the rest. The whole system is based on war and debt finance also known as usury.

The era of Pax Americana was carefully designed by a secret study group on war and peace which designed post-World War II financial (IMF and WB) and political (UN) institutions for a new form of imperialism, in which countries were to be given what appears to be independence, and proxy rulers were installed who were raised, trained and maintained by them to rule those newly independent states. In every such country a one-percent class of nationals was created whose loyalty was not national and who shared values and interests with the imperial powers (expressed by transnational corporations) more than with their own people. Therefore most of the oil-producing countries have high rates of poverty and unemployment, and low standards of living. Surplus oil money is wasted on enriching the few, and the bulk of the petrodollars are recycled back to the West by buying outdated arms, or are sent to buy treasury bills to serve the American economy. Even America, the bastion of capitalism, suffers heavily from the mal-distribution of wealth; one per cent of Americans own more than eighty per cent of Americans, and more than 40 million Americans are officially classified as poor in the richest country on earth. Why should the peripheral states be any different?” Source


According to Thomas P.M. Barnet, former senior strategic researcher and professor at the US Naval War College, in an article he co-authored in May 2003, the US “should expect to put in the lion’s share of the security effort to support globalization’s advance because we enjoy its benefits disproportionately. … As our consistently huge trade deficit indicates, we also tend to live beyond our economic means. Basically, we count on the rest of the world to finance our sovereign debt. … We don’t have a whole lot to complain about. Basically we’re trading pieces of paper for actual goods.”


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