Muslim the new Jew

It seems quite acceptable to depict Muslims as scum, no good, violent prone people. Anyone who wants to grab the headlines only needs to say something to that effect to create a message that Muslims are baaaad!

The diversity of Muslims is ignored and much of the discussion is simplistic and one way. Muslims have no recourse to start a discussion…it is all one way. Muslims are not democratic, they hate women, they are this or that.

The Muslim is given the chance to deny this, (that is all). This frames the one way discussion of Muslims and Islam on their detractors terms, within their preset parameters. Muslims are always being heard denying this or that, they are under interrogation. All this does is further tarnish the Muslims and Islam. Everyone associates Muslims and Islam with the pre-set negative terms assigned to Muslims by the accusers. It is masterfully done, I feel privileged somehow because I can clearly see it, while many around me cannot or they pretend they cannot see it.

Never is a Muslim allowed to have a discussion on his/her own terms. As if Muslims have nothing of value to say…all they do and the role given to them is one where they deny accusations and defend themselves.

The role played by the Muslims is one close to the one given to the Jew in Christian nations. Ironically many of the people accusing Muslims and getting them to play this role appear to be Jewish (Zionists) and their background is never explicitly given or stated.

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